N E W   B O O K S

Hi there. I write books for kids—young ones. I also help others write picture books—through workshops, The Nuts and Bolts Guide to Writing Picture Books, the SCBWI mentor program, and PictureBookBuilders, a group blog for writers and illustrators.

To me, a well-done picture book is a work of art. But the real magic happens when a picture book is shared—in a classroom, at the library, or between two people curled up on a couch—and a child laughs, asks questions, studies the illustrations and says “Read it again.”

I write picture books because—to paraphrase author Thomas Moore—I’d rather live in a bungalow of stories than a warehouse of facts. Sure, facts are important, but stories provoke us, amuse us, teach us, and connect us. Often, they change us.

Welcome to my bungalow of stories.