Moons & Multi-Tasking

I’m not very good at multi-tasking. If I’m working on a project—whether it’s a manuscript, a presentation or a website overhaul—I want to focus on it until it’s done. So I marvel at people who seem especially talented at juggling many projects at once.

People like Laura Purdie Salas, who recently agreed to an interview over at PictureBookBuilders so we could chat about her newest book, If You Were the Moon (illustrated by Jaime Kim, Lerner, 2017). While she was visiting, I picked her brain about process and productivity, because Laura is amazingly productive (writing picture books, poetry, newsletters, blog posts, books about writing, creating videos, doing school visits, and much more). She’s also very generous and transparent about what it’s like to make a living as a writer. So be sure to check out the post—and leave a comment there by September 10th to win a copy of If You Were the Moon.

By the way, the moon is also a remarkable muti-tasker, as I learned from the book. It’s a beauty.

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