Lillian's Right to Vote

Celebrating the Right to Vote

When I think of non-fiction books with a distinctive voice, I think of Jonah Winter. I’ve admired his biographies for years, and so looked forward to reading his latest. It isn’t easy to take a complicated (and sometimes ugly) subject like the history of voting rights in the United States and turn it into a compelling picture book, but he manages to pull it off with Lillian’s Right to Vote. How does he do it? Read this PictureBookBuilders post, and get a glimpse of Shane W. Evans’s gorgeous illustrations.

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  1. Virginia Rinkel
    Virginia Rinkel says:

    I’m so looking forward to reading this story. Yes, it is a complicated subject. I am dealing with a complicated subject also, wanting to tell the story of the American chestnut tree in this country. Have written it, got a #4 on Rate Your Story, but I need more work. I need more of a narrative arc and am considering changing the story’s POV and having the tree tell the story through a timeline. Do you have any suggestions of pb books I could read that have great narrative arcs? Thanks Linda


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