Where Can I Get Your Books?

I get asked this question a lot, and it’s not always easy to answer, depending on whether the book is in print or not, or if you’d like a signed copy or not. So here’s the rundown:

In-Print Books

These books are available through your local bookstore, although they may not be in stock (the bookseller can order them), and are always available online, whether it’s through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or  Independent Booksellers.

Want an autographed copy? If so, you can order it through my local bookstore, Flyleaf Books. Just call them at (919) 942-7373, and tell them you’d like an autographed copy of one of my books. I’ll run over and sign it however you wish, and they’ll take care of mailing. Easy!

Here’s the current list of in-print books:

All We Know
Castles, Caves & Honeycombs
Ella, Who? (coming April 2017)
Henry Wants More!
Hey, Coach!
Little Baby Buttercup
Over the River & Through the Wood
Peace, Baby!
Rock-a-Bye Romp
Samantha on a Roll
The Twelve Days of Christmas in Colorado

Out-of-Print Books

Copies of these can usually be found on Amazon, through other sellers, by clicking on the “new” or “hardcover” link under the list of formats available for each title. That should take you to a list of sellers. Look for Slow Lane Books here—this is the storefront for my out-of-print titles. These are all signed copies; if you’d like a personal inscription, you can make a note of that when you place your order (all of which is handled through Amazon).

Here’s the list of out-of-print books. Those followed by (N/A) are not available through Slow Lane Books but may be available elsewhere:

Babies on the Go (hardcover and board book editions)
Can You Make a Piggy Giggle? (N/A)
Creaky Old House
Come to the Castle!
Desmond & the Naughtybugs
How to Make a Night
Just Another Morning
M is for Mischief
Mama’s Day (N/A)*
Maxwell’s Magic Mix-Up
No Dogs Allowed!
Rub-a-Dub Sub (N/A)
Sailing Off to Sleep
Starry Safari
Stella, Unleashed
The Essential Worldwide Monster Guide*
The Tale of Wagmore Gently
To the Beach!
What Could Be Better Than This?
When I Was King
*  Beware the “print on demand” paperback version of these books available on Amazon; not the best quality.

Hope that clears things up a bit! Any questions? Feel free to ask. Thanks!


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