Ella Who?

Written by Linda Ashman, Illustrated by Sara Sanchez
Sterling Publishing: 978-1454919049

Foreign Editions: Taiwan, Korean


“A sweet and funny tale about making unlikely friends in familiar places. Great to share one-on-one or in a story program, and a suggested general purchase for all libraries.” School Library Journal

“This is a lovely story with beautiful illustrations. It is sure to capture the heart of your little ones as much as it has our 4 year old.” The Ladybird’s Adventures

“A cute little story with a hugely endearing animal character.” Read It Daddy!

A few sample illustrations . . .

Illustrations copyright 2017 by Sara Sanchez. Sterling Publishing 2017.

About this Story

I love elephants, and I love clueless-adult humor. For Ella WHO?, I got to indulge my affection for both.

When a baby elephant shows up on moving day, a young girl tries to tell her family. But they’re all so distracted (and, well, clueless), that the elephant slips by unnoticed. A friendship blooms as the two play throughout the day but, alas, the elephant must return home to the animal sanctuary. Fortunately it’s not too far away, and—as the girl discovers—is filled with many more potential playmates.